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First domestic heart analysis lecture book publication celebration (July 13, 2011)

The Best Solution to the Juvenile Issues

July 5th, 2011, at 5pm, the publication celebration for Mind Analysis Lectures “Who Are You that Drags Me” written by Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of International Youth Fellowship(IYF) was held in APEC Hall, the second floor of BEXCO, the venue for the IYF World Camp opening ceremony. Many people often say “There is no future in today’s education” nowadays. We are expecting this book to be the best solution to the juvenile issues to nurture our young people to be a partaker of the society.

Attended the World-Class VIPs like Congressman, Ministers and Vice-Ministers from 20 Countries

The celebration drew more spotlights with 500 youths and many world-class VIPs such as Lee Soo Sung, the former Prime Minister, Rep. Kim Sung Soo from Han Na Ra Party, President Lee Kang Doo from the Korea Council of Sport for All, Vice- and Ministers of Department of Youth from 20 countries, 7 Mayors from overseas, and University deans and more.

The celebration started with PR video introducing Pastor Ock Soo Park, then Lee Soo Sung, the former Prime Minister, Kim Jong Ryul, the CEO of Busan Daily News, and Jung Ryang Boo, the dean of Dong Eui University presented their congratulatory messages. Afterwards, Kang Seung Ah, who went to Jamaica as the 9th class Good News Corps, read her letter of appreciation and handed a flower bouquet to the pastor. Continued the Gracias Choir who has won the grand prize from international competition enlightened the celebration with their performances.

Continuous Commendations from the VIPs

“Even though I went to so many publication celebrations, I have never seen any like this one with a lot of VIPs. The author, Pastor Ock Soo Park plants love and peace in the society. I can’t admire him more, and I’d like to congratulate his publication.” (Lee Soo Sung, a former Prime Minister)

“Hopefully many young people will find happiness and peace through his book.” (Kim Jong Ryul, CEO of Busan Daily)

“I have witnessed many young people changing as I went to the world camps in Ghana, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Thailand with Pastor Park. I was amazed to know there is such a person like him, preaching the message of hope. Pastor Park is the true teacher of the youth.” (Rep. Kim Sung Soo from Han Na Ra Party)

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