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(TUE-SAT) Oct 19-23, 2021

10:30 AM, 7:30 PM (EDT/PDT)

9:30 AM, 6:30 PM (CDT)

11:30 AM, 8:30 PM (MDT)


Bible Seminar will be on Zoom. Click your preferrable time zone to participate.


Christian Leaders Around the World in Partnership with CLF

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Main Speaker

Pastor Ock Soo Park

Pastor Ock Soo Park is the founder of Christian Leaders Fellowship, an Christian coalition that aims to preach the true gospel. He holds individual counseling sessions with numerous people in pain and who are facing limits in their faith to lead them to gain new strength. 

-Founder, Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)

-Honorary Doctor in Theology

-Honorary Doctor in Education

-Guest Speaker of ’Online Bible Seminar’ which broadcasts to over 1 billion people in around 100 countries by 276 stations in 26 languages

-Published 59 sermon books

Pastor Ock Soo Park according to heads of states
Soo Sung Lee  
Former Chancellor of Seoul National Univ., Former Prime Minister

“Pastor Ock Soo Park can inspire change in a person’s inner nature. He is a true leader. The young people that met him have learned how to love others, and they are equipped with a mindset to feel the pain of people who are in difficulty and poverty.”

Fernando Lugo  
Former President of Paraguay

“Mind Education is a bonafide curriculum to instill proper values and a healthy mindset. It’s as new and outstanding subject in the field of education. I assure people that they will be filled with love through the Mind Education lectures.

Thomas Boni Yayi  
Former President of Benin

“The messages by Pastor Ock Soo Park teaches young people how to respect their fellow person in society. His teachings also develop faith and spiritual values inside of them. Our country truly needs Pastor Ock Soo Park.”

Jeanine Áñez Chávez  
President of Bolivia

“I truly thank founder Ock Soo Park who thinks of Bolivia, heals the youths, and delivers love. Moreover, I am sure that the event like this will set the course for students to live a happy life.”

Ronald Harden  
President of Epic Bible College, U.S.A.

“I was able to hear the amazing gospel that ‘the blood of Jesus sanctified us’ from Pastor Ock Soo Park, which is same gospel that D.L. Moody preached despite uncalculatable persecution in America. That was the greatest gift in my lifetime.”

Hyun Jong Shin  
Former President of Gideon Graduate School of Paul Theology School

“I felt that I came to life as I listened to the word from Pastor Ock Soo Park. I really felt alive. I’d like to dedicate the rest of my life in the mission to correct wrong teachings and help others to realize the truth. I will go wherever with Pastor Park hand-in-hand to cry out against incorrect messages and teach.”

Pastor Arthur Kitonga  
Archbishop of Christian churches in Kenya

“What Good News Mission does is teach the word. I can see God using Pastor Park whenever he comes to my country. He is the prophet of our generation.”

Pastor Rigoberto Vega Alvarado 
President of Federación Alianza Evangélica Costarricense

“Good News Mission has been a special blessing to us. We have become close in trust and we have the privilege to witness in-person the tremendous work that Good News Mission does in the  field of evangelism. We have also gained the opportunity to collaborate.”

Pastor Alekseev Oleg  
President of Baptist Church in Voronezh, Russia

“Many people, even pastors, have received salvation and have been established in the faith toward God through the word of the gospel that Pastor Ock Soo Park preaches in this day and age.”


OCT 19 (TUE) -  23 (SAT) 2021
10:30 am. & 7:30 pm (EDT/PDT)
Welcoming Address
Step away from superficial divides by doctrines and denomination and hear the testimonies of Christian leaders worldwide as they congratulate the Bible Seminar.
Gracias Choir
Spiritual Hymns
The Gracias Choir, who preaches the gospel all over the world and who are filled with the heart of God, moves the hearts of all listeners of their music.
Spiritual Counseling
People are able to address their curiosities about faith and spiritual life through individual spiritual counseling. 
Topical Lecture
Instructs Christians precisely on how to overcome their difficulties through the grace of God. 
I gained happiness through the Online Bible Seminar!

Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Online Bible Seminar that was held in May of 2020 preached the gospel to countless people around the world. Many who faced difficulties from the threat of COVID-19 were touched and overjoyed through salvation that was from the word. 

Roger Leon Jimenez  
Director of Enlace program,
Costa Rica

“We have been broadcasting Pastor Park’s ‘Lectures on Genesis’ for years now. His sermons and biblical teachings are the very best. His teachings are leading the world.”

Prince Hlagusemphi Dlamini 
Chief Officer Eswatini Defence Force, Eswatini

“I sincerely thank Pastor Park for preaching amazing words at the Bible Seminar. We who believe this word have become the children of God and through the blood of Jesus Christ, we have become brothers and sisters in righteousness.”

Yan Volkov  
Director of  TBN, Russia

“In these difficult times, the words of life brought about a great sensation in our world. Our viewers witnessed once again how the word of God is truly alive.”

Cida Tabata  
Igreja Penha, Brazil

“It is written that the just shall live by faith, but I was always wondering what that meant and whether I was righteous or not. I came to know precisely how we became righteous when I participated in the Bible Seminar.”

Pastor Andreas Cristoff  

"The core of pastor's sermon is that we are not sinners but righteous and that we are God’s children. The righteousness of God is for us to stand by the word, and not by our good deeds."

Laigeli Bakamelei
viewer, Fiji

“I have lived 93 years and have much knowledge about the Bible. But I have always been fighting with the sin that was in my heart. However, when I listened to Pastor Park’s sermon, everything has become very clear.”

Pastor Arthur Kitonga  
Archbishop of Christian churches in Kenya

“When I visited Korea, Pastor Park not only served others but he taugh them the word. This is the command of Jesus Christ. And that is what Good News Mission is doing today.”

Missionary Beomseop Kim
Good News Sao Paolo Church, Brazil

“Many people have been connected to our church through the Online Seminar in the many cities of Brazil without a church. Also, many pastors have given their testimonies on how they have received salvation.”

Missionary Dong Yeup Kim 
Hyderabad Church, India

“The Bible Seminar was broadcasted over 19 stations in 5 major languages across India so anyone who opened their heart could hear the gospel. Many people have received salvation.”


We invite you to the Online Bible Seminar

along with the many Christian leaders who will also be in attendance.


Oct 19th – Oct 23th, 2021  |  10:30 a.m & 7:30 p.m.(EDT/PDT)

Live on YouTube, ZOOM

Inquiry: 888-466-9846