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(France) The New Song in Paris, France

God Has Placed Open Doors of the Gospel in Europe

From the 25th to the 23rd of February, the Paris Church held a Bible Seminar with the guest speaker, Pastor Jaehong Kim. The Bible Seminar was themed ‘Praise and Gospel’, and had fifty participants including the Mongolian congregation, who began to attend church from the past summer, and the French congregation. The Gospel was preached in two languages; Mongolian and French. It was a unique Bible Seminar because of it and due to the Word that was preached every session it was a meaningful time for both the original brothers and sisters and new participants to receive the assurance of the Gospel and learn about spiritual life.

Especially, despite the different backgrounds, cultures and languages, the brothers and sisters were able to have a time to gather their hearts together as they prepared ensembles and choir performances.



Guest Speaker, Pastor Jaehong Kim, said that the reason why people cannot understand the meaning of the Bible is because they read it following their own thoughts. Over the three days, he explained in detail, about how to find out about the heart of God, split into many different steps. The first stage was not just to vaguely read the Bible and interpret it in one’s own way, as they understand it, but to actually interpret the Word through more Words in the Bible. The second stage was to find the ‘spiritual meaning’, and link it to the Word. Finally, in the third stage, which requires the biblical proof, was explained through the stories of ‘Cain and Abel’, the ‘Man who was Caught among Thieves’, the ‘Woman who was Caught in the Act of Adultery’ and the ‘Lawyer who Met Jesus’. Through all of these examples in the Bible and by explaining about the goal and jealously of the flesh, he led all the hearts of the participants to the grace of God, from the vague thought that their own actions had to be good.




Although the three days were a short time, the participants, who were living spiritual life with the hearts from the ‘fruit of the ground’, it was the exact time when the Word of God was established, like a lighthouse leading lost boats at night.

It was hopeful as the year is turning into a precious time where the Word would be established inside of the Europeans’ hearts, although they may appear stubborn and tough. Moreover, we are hopeful of the open doors of the Gospel in Europe, in which God will work, according to the Word in Isaiah 22:22, ‘So he shall open, and no one shall shut; And he shall shut, and no one shall open.’


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